General terms and conditions

The following terms relate to your use and purchase of products from our website.

Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to change, edit, delete or add parts of our website from time to time without prior notice.

Order Process and Payment

Upon placement of order, an email confirmation containing your order details will be sent to you by the next working day.

The email will contain your order details, a Reference No. as well as the steps involved in making payments according to the mode of payment chosen.

Please use the Reference No. in all cases pertaining to your order.

Your order will only be processed after FULL payment is received; no partial payment or downpayment.

  • for Cash, upon receiving and confirmed by staff of Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd.
  • for Cheque, after funds are received and confirmed
  • for Bank Transfer, after funds are transferred and confirmed

A separate email containing an official receipt as well as the scheduled delivery date and time will be sent to you once payment is confirmed.

The official receipt will contain our company stamp (as proof of payment), and is to be kept and presented, physically or digitally, on the day of delivery, to us.

Should the company stamp be missing and payment is made, do immediately notify us here quoting your Reference No.

If the payment is not made by a stipulated time (three (3) working days) the order placement will be voided and a new order placement should be made.

All payments to be made in Singapore dollars and payable to Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd.

Other Services Clause

In relation with the services provided for products purchased on www.athenaconcepts.com.sg, includes Installation ("A"), TV Mounting ("B").

Installation ("A") of our products done by professional help is recommended. Parts included in the products might be complex and we strongly advise that professional assistance provided by Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd. to be employed. Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd. shall not assume liability for damages or accidents incurred if self-assembly or self-installation or any assembly or installation done by personnel aside from the professional assistance provided by Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd. Installation ("A") includes ONLY the following: Installation of the product specified on the official receipt.

TV Mounting ("B") refers to the provision of the service for installation of TV brackets and the mounting of the TV on said brackets. We do not provide for the TV brackets or the TV; said items are to be purchased previously. TV Mounting ("B") includes ONLY the following: The service of installing the owner-provided TV brackets and mounting of the owner-provided TV onto the said brackets.

TV Dismounting refers to the provision of the service for dismounting of TV from the existing wall brackets which includes removal of existing wall brackets. TV Dismounting is free-of-charge upon request, however, Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd. will not be held liable for any wall defects before, during and after providing TV Dismounting service. Wall defects after service include but not limited to, peeling of paint, different levelling (defined as wall to be uneven). We do not provide for additional services like plaster of wall defects after TV Dismounting is done.

Please note that we currently (w.e.f 13th August 2015) do not provide for electrical works (i.e. physical relocation of, data points, telephone points, power points, television points.).

Prices for the above mentioned services are subjected to change and at our own discretion. The prices reflected on our website on the order placement form will serve as the updated prices.

Product Information

Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd. makes every effort to display, as accurately as possible, the details of our products on our website.

Variations from the artist impressions to the physical product are due to the rendered environment in the impressions.

The rendered environment is generally brighter, as such, colors may look brighter than the actual product. Any color variation may also be dependent on the resolution and screen calibration of your device(s).

As such, any variations from the artist impressions to the physical product due to the rendered environment are not considered as defects.

Delivery Information

Delivery fee is a standard fee of S$30.00, unless otherwise stated.

The date of delivery scheduled will be one (1) month from the date of payment.

Delivery time slots are separated into only Morning (10:00 AM - 1:00 PM) and Afternoon (2:00 PM - 5:00 PM) slots.

Any re-scheduling of delivery date/time should be done three (3) days before the stipulated delivery date. A re-scheduling fee of S$25.00 applies for any re-scheduling done after the three (3) days period.

Replacement Policy

We provide quality products and services. In the course of delivery and installation, any defects will be borne by Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd. and proper replacement will be in order.

Strictly no refunds after purchase is made. For any product deemed damaged or significantly defect by Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd. as compared to the description of the product, a replacement will be provided.

Replacement will not be provided, for and not limited to, e.g.

  • buyer decides to return the product (i.e. does not feel like having the product anymore)
  • product does not fit the dimensions of the space to be installed
  • wishes to change the design (unless payment has not been made)

Athena Concepts Pte. Ltd. shall not be held liable should you realize that our product does not suit or fit the space to be installed.

Proper due diligence is expected of the buyer to measure the dimensions of the space to the utmost accuracy.

Site inspections will be provided upon request and a standard fee of S$50.00 applies, payable upon inspection.

Should you have any enquiries on any matter, feel free to talk to us here

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